Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who Says it's Just Seattle People Who Can't drive in the Snow?

Ok...Let me just start by saying OMG! Are you kidding me, I wake up this morning, plug in my phone & turn on the Today Show (this is my morning ritual). I open the blinds & AHHHHH!! It's like it's been snowing for weeks! So I am watching the Today Show & you know how they "break" to go to your local news & weather...well they did & sure enough Becky Ditchfield-the local meteorologist comes on decides to tell us the current temperature is 10 degrees. Yes, 10 degrees & the high might reach 20 degrees! WOOHOO!! Ok, seriously are you kidding me so I am from Seattle so of course I don't have practice driving in the snow, yeah, yeah, I lived in Montana & here, but somehow I avoid it pretty well. Ok well everyone says that people in Seattle are horrible drivers when it snows: true story; but HELLO people here can't drive in it either! Thank goodness really because everyone was going like 5 miles per hour which was awesome because if they weren't, I sure would have been & I am pretty sure they would have seen my Washington plates & been pretty annoyed with me...either way everyone was going slow. Why though is there always that one person that thinks that they are hot stuff & driving fast in the snow & cutting people off is cool? It's not. Ok, there were actually two of these people today...I am pretty sure at some point one of them caused an accident. I am driving on my 2 mile commute to work & this little sporty car bolts out from in front of me & cuts of the car in the lane next to me which means everyone has to stop pretty quick...let's recap it's freaking ICY out so this is a problem. Luckily I made it to work & didn't see any accidents but like I said I commute 2 miles & it's a flat straight road so I am lucky in that sense. Anyways I have a doctor's appointment today & I have to drive up a hill which scares me really bad especially because the snow is supposed to continue all day...guess we'll just have to see what happens next!

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