Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of November

Hey, it's Ashley this time. So I am writing this blog mostly because Danielle decided that since I am pregnant I should start a blog & I figured, why not? Anyways, for those of you who follow the Mekhail family blog you might be disappointed by mine; for two reasons: 1)I don't have a kid yet, & I live in Denver (meaning, that not much happens to me here) & 2) I am not NEARLY as funny as Danielle. Ok, so now that you all know that I will continue. Today was the best I have felt in a while so we got up & went to church, oh how I miss Eastlake! Then when we got back I was finally able to clean the kitchen & living room!! If you know me you would think "what's the big deal? Don't you do that every day?" well, normally, YES! But lately since I have been so sick & tired I have just done the most pathetic cleaning jobs ever. This was different, it's finally REALLY clean! (And don't worry, the baby didn't breath in the toxins, I used Seventh Generation Non Toxic Cleaner, so it's all good). Not that anyone cares but it's so nice to have a clean house! This is also the third day of snow this season & it's been snowing most of the day, typically this would bother me except that it's been cloudy ALL day & I love it so I finished cleaning & baking & now I am sitting here blogging and watching "What I like About You" reruns, it's cheezy but I love it! Anyways, If you just finished reading all that & are like, "Why did I just waste my time reading that, how boring is she!?" Then too bad, I warned you my life is pretty boring these days...See the above 'warning'. Ok, well, I won't bore you all anymore but I promise some much more interesting blogs after December 20th because I will be back in Seattle which means entertaining times with Austin, Anne, Danielle (George & Kingston), Elise, Kel etc. There will be much more to write about. Happy Last Day of NOVEMBER!

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Kyla Lewis said...

Hi Ash! I'm so excited for you and Austin! You are going to have such a beautiful baby. Once you're back in the area we'll have to get together and catch up. Congrats!