Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Who Says it's Just Seattle People That Can't Drive in the Snow?" Take 2

Yesterday I got in my car to go to work, just like any other day in Denver there's a sheet of ice right outside our apartment & I am sitting on it waiting to turn right on to busy Colorado Boulevard. All of a sudden a feel a jerking motion. The lady behind me rear-ended me. She was really nice just didn't know how to drive on ice apparently. Oh wait, she's from Colorado? What? I'm from Washington? What? True story. Anyways, I was so scared something had happened to the baby so I had to rush to the doctor where I was helped by the "on-call" doctor. She was not the nicest person, she was like "you know your baby is still very little & protected, you had nothing to worry about." Oh sorry lady, I missed that when I was taking my med-school class on Obstetrics. Whatever. The little peanut is doing great so there are no worries & no damage to the car so all-in-all it was ok, but getting hit still scared me & again I will say that just because you are from a "snowy" area doesn't make you a better driver than us "Seattlites".

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