Saturday, December 6, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting, aka: the Babysitters Club

Just call me "Kristy"...ok I actually always wanted to be Stacey but whatever, you can call Austin "Logan". If you didn't read the babysitters club then don't worry if you are confused! So last night Austin & I agreed to go over to our friends, Bentley & Catherine's house, to babysit their 4 month old daughter Bryn so they could go to her work party. I thought this would be some great practice! It was so much fun! Bryn has a little seperation anxiety right now but she got over it pretty quick. It was so sweet watching Austin take care of her & cuddle her. She's still so tiny, she was in the 6lb. range when she was born & she's still so petite for her age you just want to snuggle her! We took turns feeding her & holding her but around 9 I fell asleep on the couch (I cannot stay awake later than that) while Austin cuddled Bryn to sleep in his arms. He kept her asleep until around 11 when Catherine & Bentley got home, it was adorable! I am so proud of him, he did such a good job with her, & even though she cried a good bit, he is still excited for our baby! I can't wait to babysit again!

PS: Anne, which character are you?

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