Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok, so I have been to Starbucks once since they got their Christmas cups, only once (& you have to understand that drinking a holiday drink from a Starbucks Christmas cup makes me VERY happy!). I am not your Starbucks "regular" like my dad (Grande Coffee Frappuccino x3 please). No joke by the way he really does drink 2 or 3 of those every day & pretty much is like BFF's with all the employees. Anyways, I really wanted a hot chocolate, badly! Since milk tends to give me a tummy ache I usually get a tall soy hot chocolate with whip (of course). I realize a soy hot chocolate sounds awful, I can't tell you how incredibly good it really is. So I wait in line & I give them my order; I was so excited, I even left early to get there so I wouldn't be late to work. After I give my order the barista is like "I'm sorry, we are out of soy milk." Are you kidding!!! Do you think they would ever run out of regular milk? NO! So why is it you think you can just blow it off when someone is lactose. I have told about 3 people this story so far & no one seems to think it's that weird or even a big deal, but I REALLY wanted that hot chocolate & you can't deprive a pregnant lady of her hot chocolate! Anyways, they should have given me one of those cards for a free drink that they give you when they mess up your order, I have gotten several of these in Seattle but it turns out that they don't do that if there is no fear of someone knowing Howard Schultz. I mean in Seattle you can't be too careful right? You wouldn't want to run out of soy milk when one of Schultz's buddies orders a drink. Well anyways, I am boycotting Denver Starbucks, I will however be going every day when I am in Seattle & I can't wait!

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