Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Editorial by Anne S. Brucker: "Bellevue Tales"

So Anyways, I have enlisted a guest writer because this was just the funniest email & since I am in Denver & am missing out on fun times with the BFF's I have to blog about their lives...here it is.

Typical Sunday night… we go to Bellevue to go shopping and we get to the parking garage and the stroller has a mental break down. AKA wont clip in. We attempt to jam it in there for like 15 minutes trying and trying to get it, we can't. I suggest we take Kingston and go get a new stroller, but danielle is determined to get the bastard in there. I on the other hand, am over this stroller. So finally we decided that we should just put him in the seat without the car seat. I mean 6 month olds can cruise around like that right? Well I'm convinced they can because the Russian Lady at my apartment does it and clearly Egyptian babies are more with it than Russians. So we try for another 10 minutes to adjust the straps so that he won't fall out. We finally figure out that we must be missing a piece or something weird cause there is no way any child could fit in there without falling out. I mean I am about to go look on Babies R us website for recalls because this stroller clearly has issues. So we try the car seat one more time. (I'm still convinced we just need to ditch the stroller in the parking lot, and head to baby style) but I think Danielle was scared about the pie chart George would make on excel saying she spent too much on strollers in 2008. Anyways, so it clips in and were like ok this is the great thing let's get moving. So we head to paper source and there are these two stairs to go up and we didn't see the ramp on the other side. So we decide that we should just shimmy the stroller and carry it up the two little stairs. No problem right? Wrongo! ( I see people doing moves like this all the time without any difficulty) Now let me remind you that we are on the busiest corner in all of Bellevue. Cars were everywhere and people likewise. So I take the front wheels and Danielle takes the back and we start to lift it and the car seat comes undone and flies forward into Danielle's body! Danielle out of instinct flings it back as fast as she can, Thank God. We are screaming OMG's at the top of our lungs and then there is Kingston who didn’t make one peep. I'm telling you, I thought he would scream his first OMG at this moment, but no he is just loving life. But seriously we almost killed Kingston. We had a Brittany Spears moment with a child. You should have seen the look on Danielle's face. I have never seen anything like it. She was traumatized slash mortified that someone from child protective services was cruising down Bellevue way.

Moral of the story buy a bugaboo stroller!

**Don't worry, Austin & I plan to get the bugaboo...

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