Friday, January 23, 2009

Will June EVER get here?

So ever since we found out the sex for sure it feels like June is so far away...I mean we only found out Monday & it feels like a month ago! I was talking to Danielle about it a few days ago & I concluded that if I were in Seattle, keeping busy & seeing friends time would probably go a little faster but being in Denver time just goes so slowly! My friend Andrea went into labor today, she's having a little boy, the name is a secret...but I am so excited for her. When I got her text I realized that I am just so excited to meet out little baby girl & June just can't get here fast enough! The good news is that Austin & I have a lot to look forward to between now & then...February 28th we get to go visit my grandparents in Palm Springs for a week & then the last week of March I get to go home for the last time before we move back! I just hope the rest of January & February will fly by! So pretty much having a girl is going to be so much fun, I mean I have wanted a daughter since I was 3 I think, I mean what's better than little girls! I mean seriously, I was at work today in the toddler room at the Montessori and there's a couple of the little girls that are so excited that there's a baby in my tummy. First, Sophia, she's almost 3 & all I have ever seen her do in class is dress up & push the dolls around in a stroller. Her mom just had another daughter in August & Sofia keeps asking me how baby Harlow is & when is she going to come out? Then there's Sam, her mom is due in May & I am assuming that she has been talking to her mom's tummy because when she found out I was pregnant all she wanted to do was rub my tummy and talk to it. Anyways, I think it's the sweetest thing ever! Ok, well, so much for all this rambling...I am going to finish getting things done before Austin & I have to babysit tonight!

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