Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beautiful Maui

Well, we are back from paradise...it's always nice to be back from vacation but it sure was hard to leave! We had so much fun in Maui, I tried opakapaka {Hawaiian fish} it was delish! Austin & Brady hiked Haleakala & Payton went in the pool & the ocean for the first time! All were amazing firsts! We had perfect weather the entire trip, God is good! We stayed in Wailea which was a nice change, we usually stay in Ka'anapali which I also love but it was fun to stay somewhere new! I can't wait to go back, though it will probably be years, we had the time of our lives!


KatieBabie said...

ahhh i am dying! SO CUTE~!!!! I want to go with you someday!! how much fun!!

the fuquays said...

great pics from your trip! love the swimsuit on little P!
and where did your dad get the name Boompa? because that's what my dad is too (sort of!)
miss you and wish you were here to give me fashion advice! you look so cute!