Sunday, May 31, 2009

38 weeks.

So tomorrow I will be 38 weeks, so yea I am jumping the gun a little...give me a break I am totally impatient & I am basically 38 weeks so just play along. So I am beyond ready, this is out of control, can she just come out already? Austin & I went to our toddler class picnic today & I got to hold Sam's little sister, Emily, she's only 7 lbs. & I was holding her thinking 'this is what's inside me right now' & it made me even more ready! The toddler picnic was so much fun because I got to hang out with 'my' kiddo's without having to be the montessori class was also nice to be able to really talk to all the parents, they are all so nice! Anyways, I got lots of good advice & was reassured that labor isn't 'that bad'; we'll see about that! Anyways, I am so uncomfortable & Austin & I are both just ready meet little Harlow, pray she comes really soon!!

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