Sunday, May 17, 2009

36 Week Checkup

I went to the "Doctor" (it was really a nurse) a few days ago for my 36 week checkup. Everything looks good, she's in position & hopefully this means she'll make an appearance a little early if I am lucky! The nurse has been doing her job since '75 so longer than I have been alive by 7 years! She said she's never seen a baby that is that active at 36 weeks, I guess she was bending her knee & fully extending several times & this is crazy for this late in pregnancy! She also made a comment about how it looks like she has really long legs, clearly something she got from Austin, lucky girl...hopefully this doesn't mean she's huge! I have gained 16 lbs. so far & they didn't say anything about my weight so I guess it's ok! I will take pictures in a couple weeks, after I get my hair done!

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