Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trip Down Holiday {memory} Lane

This time of year has so many fun things as well as bringing back all the wonderful memories I have of my childhood Christmases. I put together a list of my top favorite things and memories growing up...Two of my favorite memories I couldn't find the photos for. Here are the best in no particular order...

1} Microsoft Christmas Party: Ok, these were out of control amazingness & I can't even begin to explain how wonderful they were, they were actually better than Disneyland, no joke. Every year was a different theme and were so over the top you would think you were dreaming. Unlimited candy, presents, concerts, video games, bounce houses, Santa, unlimited pizza, photo booths, you name it, they had it & every year I looked forward to them...too bad the stockholders found out and got mad....

2} Going to my grandparent's friends' houses for Christmas parties: Now they probably weren't that cool but there was a lot of food and treats & all the kids would cozy up in this little room and watch a Christmas movie, I just loved it, simple but fun!

3} Stockings: Ok, so we weren't allowed to open presents until my parents woke up, and we weren't allowed to wake them, but we were allowed to open our stockings, waking up & seeing what Santa put in there was always SUPER exciting!

4} Christmas Eve: When I was I would think that would be the year I would see Santa and of course I would fall right to sleep after dinner with friends and family, a reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and opening our Christmas PJ's. But this is my favorite night of the year no matter how old I am! I love, love, love Christmas Eve it's time with friends and family & the highlight of the Christmas season!

5} Picking out the Tree: Always important because the tree is the epitome of all the Christmas decorating, it's important to get one that is perfect all the way around and smells amazing, it also has to have strong enough branches to hold the heavier ornaments!

6} Decorating the tree: OH SO IMPORTANT, looking at the tree makes you feel warm and fuzzy all Christmas long, and seriously, balance is key! LOVE IT!

7} Going Downtown: Every year we go downtown, there's something so magical about downtown Seattle at Christmas. We would go shop, get pictures with Santa, go to dinner & see a play at 5th Ave or Paramount or the Nutcracker. I still love doing this although we stopped sitting on Santa's lap, thank goodness!


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KatieBabie said...

I thought that was me and my dad cutting the tree for a second! i had a similar coat and my dad had that moustache as you know! :) haha oh you were such a cute little girl and still are! I LOVE all your tradiations.. and I LOVE that you are holding a nordy's box in the stocking pic! LOVE IT! xoxo