Thursday, September 10, 2009

I heart Rachel Ashwell

So this is a long overdue blog, like should have blogged this in March but whatever...So if you know me you know I love Rachel Ashwell aka: the Shabby Chic creator. When I was visiting my grandma & grandpa in Palm Desert I got to go to the Shabby Chic store, it was my first time & can I just say OMG! Ok, so it was incredible I could have bought everything in the store but we're broke so I was out of luck, Darn! Anyways I have been obsessing about this pillow I saw it was a mere $160 ;) ha. But seriously SO cute so I looked it up & put the picture up above. It's adorable it has all these different fabrics in the British flag design & these antique"y" broaches with crystals on them (one's a crown, seriously people, I NEED this!) so CUTE! So anyways, I will just restate that I am obsessed. Give me antiqued furniture, give me white beachy shabby chic everything & I will be one HAPPY girl!

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