Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preggo Update.

So I will be 32 weeks on Monday...I feel like I have been pregnant forever! Work is starting to get really hard & I am achy A LOT! I can't wait to start wearing cute clothes again & I am really looking forward to getting back into shape & going to yoga again! I mean seriously, I get fatigued folding are you serious!? It's a little ridiculous! I am really ready to meet my baby girl & see what she looks like. I have also been reassured by my doctor that they won't let me have a 9 lb. baby let alone another Austin so I am feeling much better about that! Harlow has been kicking a lot & actually kicked Austin in the head pretty hard the other night (he was trying to hear her)...She must not have liked the pressure on her & she kicked him, it was pretty funny! The weird picture above looks like my tummy is cone-like, it's really not but it's the one we took so there you have it!

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