Sunday, March 8, 2009

More (non-Seattle) Starbucks Drama...

Ok, so remember when I had issues with Starbucks at Christmas with the Denver Starbucks? Ok, so Austin & I were at the Palm Desert Starbucks yesterday afternoon with my grandma & I wanted to treat her because she had done so much for her already. She just told me to get her something I did. I get in there & I get behind the first person in line. I grab my Naked juice & as I do so one of the employees starts telling me how great this other berry flavor is, for like 2 I try it, I mean he just told me how great it was for 2 minutes straight. In the meantime people have created a whole other line. I turned around & said to the worker guy, "Oops...guess the line moved." thanks to the two guys 'behind' me I was let back in line, I think they just felt bad when they saw I was pregnant...whatever no big deal. So anyways I ordered my favorite drink for my grandma, mostly because I knew she had never had it. I got her an iced soy chai, light ice. Well, Since That's what I always order, either that or a soy hot chocolate I know I said soy & I specifically remember saying it. The girl helping me was a little spacey but really sweet, she kept losing things (the pen & my pastry, no joke haha)...I didn't care but anyways, I guess she didn't get the "soy" part of the order & the barista made just a whole milk iced chai (which I knew my grandma would hate!) I politely said "I'm sorry, it was supposed to be soy, I'm really sorry", not mean right? Ok, so she gets totally pissed & then said "did you even order soy?" I said "yea, but it's ok." she turns to the girl that rang me up as if she didn't believe me & asked her if I really did order, seriously when did the customer become wrong? Aren't we always right? Please don't question me in front of 10 other people, just remake the drink & deal with it. So the girl says I didn't hear her but I am sure she did (she was nice). Then the barista says "well, did you charge her for soy?" she was like "no." (ok, seriously just remake the drink you have ten people in line!) But NOOOOOOOOOOO, I had to go back to the register where the barista made the girl ring me up for $.40, you think I am joking, no I am dead serious. Is it just me or is that a little ridiculous? I mean, I had no problem paying for it but if you mess it up, just remake it & deal with it! Anyways, just another "this would never happen at a Kirkland or Seattle Starbucks" situation. Well, good thing they finally gave me my drink because grandma LOVED it!

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